Biomedical Engineering Club(BMEC)

Leader Healthcare, the ever-emerging team of experts and skilled professionals who are striving towards the common goal of providing the best healthcare services to their customers.

Team Leader Healthcare now proudly announces to be a part of the first ever Biomedical Engineering Club(BMEC) in the UAE.


The club is a group of passionate and dedicated members, who are working together to promote the increased utilization of biomedical engineering knowledge.



Team Leader Healthcare now supports and promotes the usage of Biomedical Engineering knowledge, its techniques and strategies for providing improved medical services.

Biomedical Engineering helps in providing the real-life difference in the lives of others.


X-rays, ultrasound, EKGs and several hi-tech procedures and devices that help in diagnosing various medical conditions, are some of the exceptional contributions of Biomedical Engineering knowledge.


Outside medicine, BMEC contribute towards the better health of our planet by developing better technologies in the field of agriculture and environmental sciences. Leader Healthcare with BMEC would not only work towards providing improved healthcare services but would also contribute towards opportunities like research and development, working towards new advancements in the field of medicines.



Leader Healthcare and BMEC would work towards bringing a progressive change to the healthcare services provided worldwide, thereby achieving an edge over the healthcare industry.

Once again it’s a moment of proud for team Leader Healthcare, with its step ahead approach with BMEC.