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  • CS 1 – Cryosurgery – SMT

    For whole-day work – filling with liquid nitrogen is necessary only once a day
    Posibility to locate a stream of nitrogen into very small area of the tissue by 3 dimensions of precise jets – only necessary destructed tissue. Posibility to use the contact tips for contact method of cryalization.

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  • BM Derm – Electrosurgery – SMT

    Electrosurgery is the application of a high-frequency electric current to biological tissue as a means to cut, coagulate or fulgurate tissue. Its benefits include the ability to make precise cuts with limited blood loss.

    SMT BM DERM is the HF/RF Electrosurgical Units suitable for medium surgery of soft tissue especially Dermatology.

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  • PISTOR ELIANCE – Medical Innovation

    Developed in close cooperation with a design office and mesotherapy practitioners. PISTOR Eliance enables the physician to administer treatment in enhanced comfort and thus with more efficacy and less fatigue.
    Particularly gentle and quiet, gun use is virtually painless for patients even in sensitive areas such as the scalp or face.

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  • PISTOR 5 – Medical Innovation

    PISTOR 5 is an advanced and veryefficient electronic injector actually on the market. To increase the safety of the practician and the patient’s comfort,MI | Medical Innovation has always been at the forefront of research as proven by the high performances ofPISTOR 5.

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  • PISTOR 4 – Medical Innovation

    PISTOR 4 is the most sturdy electronic meso-injector on the market. Issued from  the long experience of MI | Medical Innovation, , specialists in mesotherapy for many years, PISTOR 4has been conceived in close collaboration with mesotherapists and particularly  with Dr. Michel PISTOR , inventor of mesotherapy.

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  • N-LINET – MEDLight

    The N-LINET mobile therapy device was designed with ergonomics and safety in mind. To guarantee the optimal light distribution, it is equipped with a total of 36 low pressure UV tubes ( either UVA or UVB 311nm) in four individual groups, each monitored by UV sensors.. Hands and feet can be treated separately, and individual doses can be chosen for upper and lower sides.

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  • CUP Cube – Concentrated Ultraviolet Phototherapy

    The CUP Cube provides a targeted application of pinpoint irradiation. An approximately 100 cm long flexible light conductor bundles the energy from the light source and transmits it to the treated lesion. The surrounding skin area is protected, and the therapy area can be treated with highly effective energies.

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    The geometry of the N-LINEprocabin has been designed to ensure equal irradiation distances around the whole body. The N-LINEpro is equipped with 40 UVB (311 nm narrowband) or 40 PUVA tubes to achieve short therapy times. A combination of 20/20 is also possible.  An innovative, unique dosage system continuously measures and surveys the interior of the cabin and equalises fluctuations of intensity.

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  • microDERM Wireless: Image documentation easy and wireless

    Take advantage of the latest technology as a result of our many years of experience. Our microderm® wireless camera connection allows comfortable, quick and easy wireless image transfer. Clinical and dermatoscopic images are transfered through a wireless radio connection to your PC within a few seconds.

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