• TCM 3000 BL-5

TCM 3000 BL, Motor System to drive Liposuction cannulas

The range topping Vacuson 60 LP is a vibration liposuction system with built–in infiltration pump. Supplied complete with the ergonomic Conform Cannula handpiece. The result is a precisely adjusted device combination for liposuction to facilitate the movement of the cannula within tissue, with or without tumescent local anaesthetic.

Instruments that are not depending on a torque controlled Motor System, can be driven by this very versatile, compact device.

The very simple, hence almost self-explaining operation of the TCM 3000 BL made this device a highly coveted, quiet companion in many practises and operating rooms- I’ts versatility ensures that this device doesn’t stand still for a day. The legendary Nouvag quality, mad in Switzerland is a quarantor for peak performance and indefatigable assignment, even after many years.

TCM 3000 BL
Power consumption:60 VA
Motor speed:500 – 40’000 U/min.
Max. Motor-torque:6 Ncm
Coupling Electronic motor:after INTRA EN3964
Cable length, power cord:3 m
Dimensions: W x D x H:120/180/110 mm
Weight, control unit:1,8 kg

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