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Hospital Bed Carena – Merivaara

The new special Carena model is suitable for the demanding conditions imposed by machine washing with water. Additionally, its antibacterial coating reduces bacterial growth, also on the frame. Therefore, Carena is an ideal choice, both in primary care and ER and in long-term care.

Hospital Bed Carena – Merivaara

The ergonomic choice for both patients and nurses

Carena is a revolutionary hospital bed with unparalleled ergonomics for the patient and for the nurse. The needs of nursing staff as well as an increase in the average weight of the population and the relative number of elderly people have been taken into consideration in its design.

Smaller patients will love it – the minimum height makes it easy for them to get in and out of the bed on their own.

Additionally, the hospital bed accommodates also heavier patients the maximum safe working load (SWL) being 330 kg.

This next-generation hospital bed is equally suited for use in day surgery, emergency room, long-term or intensive care or nursing homes.

  • High safe working load 330 kg
  • Unique lower and upper height 310–890 mm (with 125 mm castors)
  • Comfortable and ergonomic for both patient and nurse
  • Light weight and easy transportation
  • Electric and manual Trendelenburg
  • Quick release (CPR) for back section (optional)
  • Innovative structure and design, patented technology
  • Long service life-cycle and convenient maintenance
  • Comply with EN 60601-2-52

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